7 Factual ways of making online money

Making money online is a misnomer term for those people who suffered by any fake emails or any fake affiliate link but the reality is making money online is actually possible. Anyone can able to make online money by hard work and dedication; there should be consistency in a work. The main advantage of making money online is there is no need of office day job, you can really work full time from home and get your money into your PayPal account. Also you can earn some extra money by doing it as a part time job. There are several examples at a time of recession that people doing online business and have their own start-ups. There are many objurgate ways of making money online. I am going to discuss them one by one:

1) Blogging: Blogging may be alien terms for those who has nothing to do with internet, but in actual blogging is a comparatively easier and sure shot of making money, there are millions of bloggers exist in the blogosphere giving updates on their particular niche. Blogging is a process of writing an article, market an article and making money by different ad programs like Google adsense, Chitika and affiliate marketing.

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2) Freelance developers: Are you a programmer, web developer or a designer, making money online is a very easy task of these three kinds of people, there are lots of work flowing in different forums, websites, etc. The most popular forum for freelancers is Digital Point Forum.

3) Freelance writers: There are many blogs which offer money to write content on their blog. Also there is enormous opportunity for journalist, copyrighters and editors in field of writing. There are many websites that offers job for writers Freelance writing, Getfreelancer, Digital Point forum are perfect examples of this.

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4) Call centre: You can open your own call centre and work from home. Some companies like.Alpine Access and Live Ops gives job for those who want to work from their home. Make sure that your home will be free from any noise.

5) Own service: You can provide your own service like iPhone application installation, any repair work, dog trainer, T-shirt designer or any kind of work depending upon your interest. You can make your own web page and market your service online via Twitter and Facebook. If your market strategy will better, you will get more and more exposure.


6) Selling stuff: You can sell your own or someone’s other product and can take a commission as a part of profit. You can make your own web page or you can sell stuffs on ebay. For example you can make an e-commerce website and put someone other’s product to sell. You will get a nice commission for selling other’s product.

7) Domain name selling: Domain name selling is a very well known business amongst web enthusiast. People make a very decent amount of money while selling domain. There are lots of demands of premium domain name in a market. The income from selling a domain may touch six figure heights.

These are the most prominent way of making online money, beware of those false and spam emails which you might get on your email. There is no substitute of hard work, these all above mentioned way require lots of hard work and time choose any of the above work and start making money online from today.

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  1. I think making money online is learning process. If a person who sell things on shop require experience and good marketing skills. Likewise successful blogger know how to sell stuffs. Unlike most new bloggers.

  2. I’ve to say that your articles roxx, do you know any freelancer sites that pay good cash per article!! u talked about that stuff in your article, do you make money with any of those sites.

    • Very nice question, I think you should go for Digital poit forum, lots of works are waiting for you, yes I made a money from Digital Points, for others I am not sure, but they have get all the good reviews , thats why I have included it on my list.

      • yea DP is a good source to find freelance work and earn good $$ from there.

        but the only thing there is, we need to be very careful with the forum rules or else will result something negative with infractions and Banned

  3. Pretty good information on making money online. One more i would like to add that is providing hosting services. Hosting services generate more revenue than selling domain names

    • Thanks Vivek for your insights, reselling hosting is very good business in terms of money , but you should be popular in your working area so that people may purchase a hosting with you.

  4. You’ve done a great job of pointing out often overlooked ways to make money online. I think the big money really comes from 2 things: consulting/teaching and back end affiliate marketing (e-mail marketing to your subscribers).
    Interestingly enough, almost all of these 7 methods work together. Once you become an authority in one area, you can cross that over into other areas.

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