7 Things To Keep in Mind while Taking Pictures from your Smartphone Camera

Not long ago, having a Camera on your smartphone meant only three things, you are super rich, you work for the FBI or you simply were Bond or some other form of Superhero, vaguely speaking. Today though, not having a Camera on your smartphone means only one thing, that you are not really in tune with what’s going on around you. However, since every phone has pretty much started sporting a Camera, we have started taking them for granted, taking pictures which are plain rubbish, grabbing the phone out and just clicking away without giving it a thought. Guess, portability does that for us. That is why, easy does not always translate to better. To help you make this translation though, here are seven tips that you must keep in mind while you take pictures from your smartphone.

Smartphone Camera tips

1) Clean your Lens: It is the most basic and important thing to keep in mind. A lens is basically the outer part of the camera from where the light goes in so it makes sense if you keep it clean, keep it away from smudges and for the love of God, never touch the lens with greasy or oily hands. Every time you take a picture, make sure your lens is clean by using a thin cloth of sorts to prevent aberration. Make sure though that the cloth you use does not scratch your lens.

2) Wary of the Jawline if shooting a Portrait of a Human: If you do not take care of the jawline as you shoot a subject, chances are you will get an image that may not be natural of the person. The rule of thumb is ask the subject to move his forehead a little forward and tilt it downwards, it makes the jawline more prominent and the lump of the throat does not add extra weight to the subject making it look a lot more neat.

3) Do not Operate Flash While Shooting against Reflective Surface: Unless your device has a Xenon Flash do not use Flash, simple enough. But in case you want to, please never use Flash, not even on Auto when shooting reflective surfaces such a well polished table, or a glassware. The light bounces of and you will be left with a crazily lit image which will simply be horrible.

4) If Recording a Video do it in Landscape Mode: Most of the phones shoot videos in an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 4:3. Never hold your phone in portrait mode while shooting a video. You must keep it in landscape so that when you play the video on a bigger screen you use the whole estate of the screen and get bigger details instead of cramming things up.

5) Hold the Phone with both hands while taking the shot: There is a reason, every photographer out there holds their image capturing device, be it a DSLR or a Phone camera with both hands. It adds to the stability of the camera and results in better Image Stabilisation. You may be the coolest cookie in the pond, but holding cameras with one hand will result in shaky and blurry images, please avoid that. If possible, do tuck your hands to the side of your body too for added stillness.

6) Capture Images in HDR mode if the option is there: HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. When you take HDR images, the device takes several images at different exposure levels and combine them into one to give you a result that is sufficiently brighter than an average image. Some of the devices such as the iPhone save both the HDR and non HDR images when the option is selected so you can choose which one is better.

7) Make Sure Lighting is Sufficient: I firmly believe that no matter how good, a smart phone camera still will not replace your standard good point and shoot and definitely not a DSLR. So when you are taking a shot with a Camera on a mobile, make sure lighting is sufficient. Most phones perform horribly in low light conditions adding a lot of noise in the background. So, if the lighting is not sufficient avoid a smartphone camera unless you totally have to take the image. Make sure your subject is well lit and you are playing with the light rightly.

So these were our seven handy tips to help you take a mean image from your Camera Smartphone. Do let us know in the section below if you agree with us, and do add your suggestions if you feel we have missed out on something crucial.

(Image via: PC Mag)

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