7 Tips to Make A Community Near Your Blog And Increasing Conversation

Blogs are not only source of information. It is an intelligent conversation tool. Building community near your  blog increase the chance of conversation. If people love taking part in a conversation and start contributing to blog then it will be easier for any blog to make a brand very easily.


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1) Comments

Comments are the best way to build community near a blog. Try to make a conversation inside your own blog through comments. Try to make a conversation through comments. People love to read those comment and post their own views about topic.

2) Ask Questions

I generally ask questions with readers at the end of every post. It tend readers to ask something related to the topic or share their view on the topic. Readers love to reply those question and this is the starting of any conversation.

3) Make a list

This technique may applied on a blog with less exposure. Try to make a list of people who come again and again and leave comments on your blog. Try to leave a comment on their blog. This is a helpful technique to build a relation with another fellow bloggers.

4) Connect with IM chats

Chatting with fellow bloggers on Instant messenger is a killer way to make a community. People generally remember those people who resides in their IM chat list. Try to ask all the doubt from a blogger and clear others doubt while you become free.

5) Join RT club

Joining RT club not only bring lots of exposure to your blog. It also increase blog visibility and helpful in  building a community near your blog. This is a unique technique which is not so famous in the blogging world.

6) Increase visibility of your blog

Try to increase your visibility of your blog. Try to market your post effectively. Try to use social media tools effectively and also try to add value to the social media or Twitter.

7) Allowing Guest Post

Allowing guest post on a blog is a great way to increase chance of building a community. People will get indulge writing post for your blog and they never forget your blog in a life. If your blog rank well everywhere, they love to write a post for your blog.

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These are some unique way to make a community near a blog. These methods also apply on blog which has smaller visibility and having less traffic. Are you using these techniques for making a community near your blog. Can you suggest more techniques. Feel free to share your views in comment section.

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  1. To be more frank, I don’t want to try these methods again & again. Because every blogger is taught to do these things nowadays. Doing similar thing as other blogs just makes really a community. But i feel this is not enough. I need a special growth on my blogs. So i am looking for some special methods. If i found something, i will be update here later.

    Anyway, thanks for the alarming post. Am i snooze it? 🙂
    .-= Pascal´s last blog ..Free Worpress.com to Self Hosted WordPress.org Migration: =-.

  2. Except the RT one, I almost follow the rest. I tweet what ever I read if I think that is useful. So, I don’t want extra work on me by joining RT club. I am happy, the way I am sharing.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Translate English to any Indian language phonetically with Phonetic Translator =-.

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