74% of all Apple Devices run iOS 7

In a stat that is sure to leave your head spinning and mouth wide open for a while, the latest iOS release from Apple, that is iOS 7 is already present on over 74% of the devices that connect to the App Store. This is indeed a staggering number, and one of those killer stats that iOS fanbois go about and throw on the face of Android users. Yes, barely about 40% of the Android devices are running Android JellyBean and above, while 74% of the users of Apple’s hand held devices range are already enjoying the fruits of a more uniform update rollout.


The stat was posted on the Apple Developer Site to highlight to the developers that their work in upgrading their apps to support iOS 7 is indeed not going unnoticed. The stat also stated that 22% of the devices were on iOS 6 while a meager 4% of the devices are running on iOS 5 which is indeed incredible given the large volume of these devices that are sold.

This in no way shows that users are happy or loving iOS 7, but certainly shows that they are running it on their devices and were more than prepared to give it a go and that is why upgraded. With gradual improvements already on the way, the criticism around iOS 7 will soon be a thing of yesterday and a lesson to Google in case they plan a revamp on the UI of Android.

via: iMore

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