8 Killer Tips For Increasing Page views Of Your Blog

Blogging is a process of writing articles on blog. Whenever you write a new article, new article pushes back an old article. If your blog has large number of post then it is not possible to keep all the posts on front page. Old blog posts take position of second page, third page, fourth page and so on.

It is very difficult to expose those blog post which are not visible in the front page or which don’t have any organic visitors. To expose these pages or increase the page views of blog you need to follow some basic tips to get some great visibility.


Use related post plugin

Use WordPress Yet another related post plugin to show your related post. This plugin automatically check keywords from another post and display the title of the posts at the end on an article. This is very effective plugin for improving SEO and visibility of blog.

Use SEO Smart Link plugin

SEO Smart Link plugin is an effective plugin for generate auto links on blog. This plugin select the keywords inside the post and automatically hyperlink those keywords to the previous post or tag. This is another cool plugin for improving SEO and visibility of site.

Manual linking

Manual linking means creating hyperlink by own. This means you can relate any keyword with your own by some previous post. This is good for SEO as well as exploring any important previous post.

Display Random Post Widget in sidebar

Displaying random post on the sidebar is a good decision for increasing visibility of your previous posts. This can be done with the help of WordPress Random post plugin. You would get an option for displaying random post in a form of widget.

Explore Previous Post

Write a single post in which you can describe all the previous you had written on your blog. Give the title of every post in a single blog post and hyperlink each title with the original post.

Tweet Your Previous Post

Twitter is a good marketing tool. You can tweet your previous post in a regular time interval. Don’t forget to put a hash tags (#) on your tweet to explore it fully among Twitter audience. Request others to retweet your post.

Share On Facebook

Try to put a Facebook share button on your blog so that anyone can share your post on Facebook. Facebook is also a great marketing tool like Twitter so try to full make use of this service.

Write Series Of Articles

Writing series of article is a nice idea. Try to write on a particular topic. If you are writing on How to make a WordPress blog then write all the post one by one and give reference of your previous post to guide visitors who want to know more about the topic.

These are some great way to explore your older post and increasing page views of your blog. Do you know some more techniques ? Try to share some more tips with our readers in the comment section.

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  1. Himanshu, thanks for introducing me to SEO Smart Link plugin. I’m a little skeptical on how effectively it would work, but I’m willing to give it a go. Manual linking within my posts has been somewhat of a headache so not having to do that “manually” would be awesome!
    .-= Static | ahnternet´s last blog ..2010 Goals For BloggersBB =-.

  2. I suggest one to use their about page or some killer post of their own blog while commentating.. which will end in getting more page views..
    .-= Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats´s last blog ..Google PageRank Update: TechCats is PR 2, What is yours? =-.

  3. SEO smart links is a nice plugin. Apart from that showing random posts and recent posts is a good option to increase the pageviews. Good share buddy.
    .-= Ricky´s last blog ..Send 500 Characters SMS To Any Mobile Numbers For Free =-.

  4. manual linking to other articles from a new articles helps, i got my bounce rate down and my pageviews up very easily with this method. manual looks a lot more natural and relevant so the response is always better than the automated in-linking plugins,

  5. I like the point “Tweet your previous posts”. Just want to say that shorten the url of your previous post and tweet them on twitter with good caption of 140 characters.

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