8 must watch video for effective SEO of a blog

SEO is a process of improving the traffic from search engines. This traffic is also known as organic traffic. SEO is a process, not a rocket science which can apply automatically on every contents. There are several techniques through which anyone can improve site SEO. It is natural that those sites which comes on first page of search result get more traffic in comparison to sites which comes on second or next pages. So SEO is a deciding factor for  traffic of any website. It is assumed that 60 to 80% organic traffic is good for any weblog. But SEO is not an easy process, it involves lots of research and technical aspects. Here are some video which could help to understand SEO in depth. These videos will help you to become a SEO webmaster.

SEO optimization tutorial:

Matt Cutts Speak about better visibility

How to create SEO Friendly Page titles

Why Google love old websites

Google Engineer Matt on Webmaster Tools

SEO Tools

How to decide title tag

How to detect no.of backlinks

Hope you enjoyed these videos, there are lots of things coming on Blogtechnika, so stay connected with this weblog. Feel free to discuss any queries on SEO in a comment section.

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