8 necessary and important criteria for professional blogging

Blogging doesn’t need any professional degree. Anyone from small kid to an old person can become a blogger. But once we talk about professional blogging there are lots of thing we should keep in mind. Professional blogging is a phase where passion becomes profession, one need to have some qualities to combat with different challenges comes in a life. These qualities show their ability to phase all the problems and difficulties arise during professional blogging. Let’s discuss the essential required qualities one by one:

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Blogging requires discipline. One need to make a schedule for time management and one should follow all the criteria. Blogging requires time, one need to leave other entertainment related stuffs like watching television, watching movies or surfing internet for time pass.


Blogging is a slow process. Everyone expect quick results but the truth is no one can make money through blogging within a month of hard work. It is advisable that any blog can take some decent time to grow up. Blogging needs patience.

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Hard work:

Nothing can substitute hard work. Bloggers should hard work hard in their life to achieve goals. No one can make a star blog without hard work. Though some strategies are there to cut the hard work to a certain level but apart from smart work, hard work is a must thing for blogging.

Managing skill:

Bloggers are managers. Bloggers need to manage their time schedule and working area. Work are varies from writing articles, marketing, comments on other blogs, reading feed, answering emails and lots of other work. One needs to make some own working strategy to work. Never copy others strategy. It doesn’t work always.

Marketing skill:

Bloggers have some unique marketing skill which makes them different from others. Bloggers love to promote their product in the own way. Since in blogging offline meetings are not so frequent therefore bloggers use their social network ex. Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, comment strategies, guest post, forums to distribute their content and expose their blog to certain level.

Networking skill:

Bloggers make their own network to listen things, to spread things and to tell the things. Bloggers take part on various social networking activities like Bloggers Meets, Barcamp, or their own blog network. They love to help others via sending solution of their problem through mails or having discussion on IM’s.

WordPress knowledge:

WordPress is a top blogging platform present till date. There is no substitute ofWordpress. There are lots and lots of advantages of wordpress which make it stand alone in the crowd. Blogger should know how to work on WordPress, playing with plugins, dashboard. It’s very simple to use tough.

Technical knowledge:

Blogging doesn’t need so much technical knowledge because of WordPress. WordPress makes everything easy. But bloggers should aware of some basic terms like feeds, adsense, Blogging tools for effective and efficient blogging.

These are the basic criteria of blogging. Anyone who is literate and having some average knowledge in any particular field and having all the above mentioned criteria can become a professional blogger and choose blogging as a career. Do you know any extra point? Feel free to add those points in the comment section.

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  1. patience is the key buddy….impatient person can never be a good blogger…i know this because i was once an IMPATIENT blogger 😉

  2. Well Said. These days, many people are thriving to earn money from blogging instead of concentrating on blogging. The best points here are:
    Patience and Networking

  3. As I mentioned the other day, almost anyone can create a blog but only a select few can maintain one.

    Most people who try to blog for money won’t make enough to buy a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Only those who have most, if not all, of the things on your list will succeed.

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