8 things not to do on Twitter

Twitter emerged as amazing marketing tool for business persons and bloggers to market any products. But Tweeting should be done in a certain limit so that anyone could get benefit from tweets. It should not be done in a way so that anyone can annoy with your tweet. There are no specific rules for Tweeting but there are some things which should be take care of before giving any update.


1) Viral Marketing: This is the most common mistake any newbie do with the Twitter. It is true that Twitter is the best marketing tool available on internet but tweeting your own article by always thinking that you will get hundreds of visitors from your each Tweet is totally a myth. It is not necessary to tweet article from your own blog. Tweeting other’s blog post by the use of Tweetmeme button is also a nice idea. Retweet other’s useful article is also a good strategy to colligate with fellow bloggers.


2) Extreme RT: People always think that tweeting other’s tweet is always a nice way to connect and making social relation with them. This is totally a false phenomenon. Always RT those articles which are really useful to others.

3) Frequent Tweets: People think that frequent tweeting on Twitter increase credibility and other might think that this person is a very active on Twitter. Your Twitter frequency should be minimum, try to give updates on Twitter after a regular time interval. If you are tweeting more than 30 articles per minute then it should be considered as a robotic mechanism and it should come under spam category.

4) Using too much third party applications: Are you using lots of third party applications like automatically following lots of peoples on Twitter? The main drawback of using these applications is you follow those peoples who are beyond your niche. Suppose you like technology related article and by using auto following applications you automatically follow those peoples who tweet about any non technology stuff, then following those peoples is totally a waste. To see how much applications you added on your Twitter profile, go to Settings> Connection. To block access just click on Revoke Access.


5) Spreading False news: Spreading rumors on Twitter is a common thing. Don’t spread anything on Twitter which is not confirmed. It may be catastrophic for your profile.

6) Making wrong comments on others: Twitter is not a place to fight with others or take a revenge. Do not make any tweet which may effect anyone’s dignity. It represents an unfledgness. Always try to tweet something useful which should be useful to other.

7) Don’t use # tags on your every article: You must know what is the meaning of hash tags (#) before using it. Hash tags provide a channel to Tweets so that anyone in the World can see what is happening in a real time on the particular topic or event. Generally Hash tags are used for Tweets. Using # on your each words of Tweet may distract other Tweeters and it may lose value.


8 ) Don’t tweet your personal life: Tweeting your whole personal activities on Twitter may distract your followers. Remember that anyone who follow you, expect some useful stuff from your side. Nobody  take interest in whatever you do in your car or whatever you eat last night.

So these are the basic things which should be taken care of before tweeting. Anyone can feel free to give more suggestions on a comment section. Each comment would be appreciable.

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  1. Hundred Percent Agree with you Himanshu. And i must say you that this post is having a great Value in it. 🙂

    I also use twitter in very effective manner and it works great for me but anyhow Facebook is my main traffic source… 😀

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