8Cookies: Saves Your Browsing Session To The Cloud On Chrome

Today’s world is a smart world. In fact we live in a period where everyone has multiple devices where they work on and internet is one thing that most of the people use during work. Mostly during work it’s not the documents that are important but the information that is displayed on the browser that is more important. If we have to move from one laptop to another, there is a very good chance that we may lose all the tabs and how we had all the information organised in the the browser.

However, with cloud computing now on the rise, it is rather wonderful that we can sync our sessions and tabs with the cloud and access all the info, just like we were using it on our primary devices. 8 cookies is an awesome extension to Google chrome that lets you to save your session. All you have to do on a remote computer is enter your Gmail id and password and you have your session as it is. It is a wonderful feature for all the real time techies who have like 10 different tabs open and working on lots of articles simultaneously. I have been using this extension very extensively since I found out about it and makes working so simple and effortless.

Here is the extension description from the webstore:

“The extension enables you to browse from the cloud. The extensions lets you start your browsing session on one computer and continue it from another. When you login to the extension it saves all your browser information in a secure server so you can move to another computer, login through the extension and you can continue your session where you left off.  

Say you have a few windows open on your laptop, with you email and your favorite social networking site, and you want to move to your desktop. 8cookies makes it extremely simple to so. All you need to do is login to the extension from your desktop and voilà you have all the windows and cookies you had on your laptop.

All communication between the server and the client are encrypted using advanced techniques such that without your password it would virtually impossible to produce any sort of information from this data.”

You can download the extension from here

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