9GAG App For iPhone Is An Amazing Way To Pass Time

Not every moment in our lives is supposed to be taken seriously. This is why it is important to turn away from serious business and laugh a little. 9Gag is one of the websites for this. It is a collection of plenty of trolls and funny moments that make light of a tough situation. We see such Meme’s or trolls shared all over Facebook and like it or not some of them are pretty hilarious. And since, today most of our browsing is done by smart phones, 9Gag also has its own application for iPhone, and we can easily vouch that this is indeed one of the apps we use most on our iPhone.


9Gag app is pretty simple and has a very clean UI for iOS devices. The app lets you browse the latest content on the website. You can also do basic things such as sharing, liking and commenting just like you can do on the website browser. Browsing the app is extremely handy especially if you have some time to kill and want to tickle the funny bone in your body. You can also log in to your 9Gag account on the iPhone and upload content to the site straight away in easy steps. The app makes sure that now you do not miss any funny moment and can share yours across the community. By clicking on the expand icon on top left of the screen in the app, you can check out even the trending trolls and also vote if you are feeling generous.


If you log into the site using Facebook which we feel is a great and simple way to log into the app, if you happen to vote for any troll it would reflect on your Timeline. However, you can change this in settings of the app. You also have a safe browsing option to keep the content Safe For Work. Overall, we loved our experience on the 9Gag application for iPhone and we recommend this to be a must have app.

You can download the application from here for free.

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