A Complete Mobile Phone Guide For Best Phone Selection

Buying a good mobile phone in an available budget is not an easy task. Since, I have started writing on mobile domain, lot of people have come asking me regarding what phones should they buy and what’s the best OS and if Nokia is still worth going for etc. So, it makes sense for me to make a post about my opinions for a lot of people out there looking for a new device.

Now one thing that I come across very often is people saying, let’s just wait man, maybe a better device is on the horizon, well frankly speaking, in tech world things change so fast and something new and better is always on the horizon so instead of sitting around , I suggest go out and pick up the gadget that suits your needs else you’d be sitting around forever.

Here I am dividing the whole mobile phone slots in different categories according to the price. You can choose the best phone according to the price range which best suits you.

Limited Budget <RS.10,0000


This is perhaps the budget of most of the people when looking for a Smartphone, they don’t want to overspend yet look for good features in their phone. The phone that in my honest opinion is the very best in this range without any shadow of doubt is Blackberry Curve 8520. This 2G device is power packed with features, very decent speaker quality and user experience plus the added benefit to stay online with the BBM and internet Service makes this Blackberry perhaps the most sold RIM device. I cannot recommend this phone enough. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives from the likes of Samsung and few Nokia C series device but looking for quality, durability and some style? You just cannot go wrong with the Blackberry Curve 8520.

Mid range budget<RS. 15,000


This is another popular category cause people in this category usually want higher end specs, a good screen and latest features to play with like games and stuff. The problem with this category though is that, there are not too many devices here. One of my very favorite ones though is LG Optimus 1. It gives a great Android experience, has a fantastic capacitive touch screen and most of the android applications can be run on it. A very good speaker and camera means with Optimus 1 you would have very little to complain of, if anything at all. If you have never used an android in your life, this just might be the device you would want to start off with.

Another popular option could be Nokia E72, amazing camera and QWERTY keyboard and fantastic build quality means this device will never go out of fashion, for resident Nokia users, you cannot go wrong with one!

Higher Range<RS. 25,000



There are some absolute gorgeous devices in this range. Packed with oodles of power, beautiful screens and cameras as good as your digital cameras, if you are willing to spend up to Rs. 25,000 of your hard earned money, you definitely have a fair few choices to make.

My personal favorite in this category is HTC Desire. It is a fantastic phone with a great processor, very decent camera quality and comes loaded with Android 2.2 upgradable to 2.3. The applications are unlimited thanks to the market place and the user experience with HTC Sense is a joy! If you have the money, you just cannot go wrong with this.

Another very good phone in this range is Nokia N8. For die hard Nokia fans this phone in a lot of ways is what’s good about Nokia. A brilliantly built body and a camera to absolutely adore, N8 is one phone you would not regret. However it loses out to HTC Desire only because of the outdated and laggy Symbian software. It plays multimedia extremely well and the screen is absolutely stunning.

A few definite no-nos would be Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 and the Motorola Milestone.

Luxury Range>Rs. 25,000


Chances are , if you are spending over 25,000Rs on your Smartphone, you would want the best of everything.

Here I recommend my favorite phone till date HTC Desire HD. It is a phone I cannot stop talking about, 4.3 inch screen is absolutely a joy to use and with a brilliant Aluminum single cut slab form factor this phone is nothing short of art. The processor on it is absolutely great and has absolutely zero lag, the only little downside is 1230mAh battery , but it very easily lasts for a day and you can always charge it at night. I have been personally using this device as my phone, and I can say, I have never been happier.

There are a few choices here too, a very popular one is the iPhone 4, for die hard Apple fans, this is a great choice, slightly expensive but you all have read everything about it and you just cannot go wrong with one, I personally love iPhone 4 too and a very thin line of Android being an open sourced platform separated me from picking the Apple device.

Another phone I actually like a bit and was recently launched is Samsung Nexus S. For users looking for stock android usage this is a great phone thought the plastic built really did not impress me much. Nokia E7 is also a very decent choice as packs the good features of N8 with a QWERTY keyboard.

So these were my choices about the choice of smart phones, which phone do you use? Do you agree or disagree with me? Do leave your comments.

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