A Comprehensive Guide For Team Blogging

Blogging is going tough day by day. From “going tough” I mean there is a lots of competition in this field which is increasing significantly day by day. Every important niche is going saturated. There is a  flood of blog telling about computer tips, Blogging tips, make money online, gadget, technology, web 2.0, tools and hacks, iPhone and related niche. It is very difficult to analyze the current situation because every one is writing and writing and writing to get among the top position.


Working individual

Working individually means taking responsibility of all the fields of blogging it either writing content, marketing of content, keyword research, promotion, strategic analysis, roadmap building, stats analysis, blog designing and other related work. All the work can be done by individual and lots of bloggers doing this.

Working in a team

Working in a team means there would be a  team of people where every person got his favorite task belong to his expert. Suppose a person wants to write a post and he is not interested in marketing and promotions then his task would be writing only articles for a blog. If a person is expert in marketing having lots of contacts then he would assign marketing work, in the same way task would be assigned to designing work and SEO of the blog.

Advantage of team work

First of all I want to say that making a good team is a very difficult task because team work is based on trust and it is difficult to find a trustful member for a team. But making a good team is not impossible. There are some good blogs there in a blogosphere which are doing great as a team. Few examples are Techcrunch, Mashable, Blogussion, Makeuseof. These are great blog having a joint venture. These blogs work on a team and every member had assigned by a particular work. This is a great way to generate a great income.

Disadvantage of working alone

Working alone or working individually has lots of disadvantages. The primary one is if the blogger get ill or he met with some condition in which he will unable to write content for his blog  then it would be a tough time to him because he would unable to update his blog for that particular time period. This would result in degradation of traffic and income. Also as competition is going tough and tough  as time passes so team work is more preferable for getting expected result.

How to make a great team

As I said earlier making a good team is a very difficult task. For making a team you have to don’t need to choose any random person. You need to choose a person from whom you work before or who has a reputable identity on internet. He should be expert in his field. Its either writing content or marketing part.

Clear Vision and goal

Clear vision is very necessary for making of a great team. Everything should clear from the starting of a task. Its either your goal, reason behind making of team, how much money to be invested and how much time team will take to clear the goal.

Commitment and Hard work

Commitment and hard work are the two pillars of any team. Team members should know clearly about their task and they should participate actively in any work. Anything could achieve by hard work and dedication.


Talent is a much required factor for any team. If a team has a talented person then it is not so much difficult for any team to achieve their goals. Team member should have proper knowledge of his expertise and he should capable of handling pressure.

Control and command

Team should have freedom to do work but some boundary is necessary so that no one can ruin the integrity of team.  There should be a member who have a authority to take decisions. Also authorities should have proper plan and vision to take the venture to the next level.

Apart from these things there are lot more to understand such as inner communication, coordination, team member respect, enthusiasm etc. Now, its your turn. What do you prefer? Working alone or working as a team and why? Feel free to post your views in comment section.

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5 Responses

  1. It’s really tough to work as individual as competition get tougher everyday but making a team is hard also as everybody want to work as individual.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Facebook may hurt your marriage life (Security Alert) =-.

    • @arafat Not everybody wants to work individually, well atleast not me. In my sense, working in a team doesn’t necessarily mean working under someone who manages the project. For example, consider freelancers, they sometimes work in a team according to project requirements, but still they are individuals who can work on their own.

  2. I agree, working in a team gives us more freedom in doing what we want. In a team we get the chance to master our trade, than becoming jack of all trades.

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