A Developer Gets Android Wear to Work with iPhone

It has been reported for a while now that Android Wear will eventually work with iPhones as Google plans the next big steps ahead for its Wearable tech. However, if you are well versed with the developer community, you will know that it is not the most patient space. The developer community prides itself on being a little ahead of the curve and dictate the things their way. One o fthe most recognized Android developers, MohammadAG of XDA Developers has gone ahead and shown off that it is already possible to get the notifications popping up on your Android Wear from the iPhone. The devices used in the demonstration video are an iPhone 6 and Motorola Moto 360.

It is not clear how feasible this is yet, and things are very much in testing phase, but the developer has released a video where an iMessage on the iPhone shows the alert on the Moto 360, in a very Hangouts like UI though with the Apple iMessage icon. In brief explanation of what has enabled this, the developer stated that he simply had to play around with the API of the Apple Notification center and install a singular file on his Android Wear.

There were no jailbreaks or hacks of any kinds in getting the trick to work. We hope in future we would get the entire tutorial on how to go about it so the Android Watch can work with the iPhone flawlessly.

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