A Guide To Decide Your Blogging Niche

Blogging is a step by step process in which people write something interesting which is meaningful and useful to others. But the process of writing involves lots of research and hard work. This research is a result of interest. If people are interested in any particular topic then he can spend a potential time in researching things on internet.


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I am giving an example of geek who is interested in iPhone. If the person loves iPhone then he love to research online for various Jailbreaking tools and apps which he want to available on his iPhone. It is very much satisfying job for a geek to write on iPhone because he grabs all the sufficient knowledge on iPhone. And he can write all the tactics about iPhone by some new non-stop research.

Now take an example of a newbie blogger who write about making money online. It may possible that he has no knowledge about how to make money online. He does this job because it is a highly demand and attractive trend. It may possible that he could not earn a single penny online but he writes about various tricks of making money online by reading some other popular blogs.

It is not advisable to write on the topic which is not a matter of interest to you. There is a very big reason behind my point. If you are writing something beyond your interest then it may  helpful for you for some time. But you need to be regular on your niche which is a very difficult job for anyone. For making a successful blog you should write one or two articles daily. Without having knowledge of the subject how can you manage to write such a huge amount of articles (I am talking for a long term may be 6 months or a year).

How to decide a niche

It is not much difficult. You need to choose a topic on which you can write nonstop. If you are a computer geek you can choose computer tips and tricks as your niche, if you are a sportsmen then you can choose sports as your niche. If you like politics you can give political updates to your readers. You can choose among given niche Photography, Web designing, Computer, Hacks, Apple, iPhone, Nature, Geography, Weather, Entertainment, Movies, Gadgets, Fun, Romance etc.


Choosing a correct niche is a deciding factor for the success of blog. Never make compromise with your interest. Take a time and decide the topic on which you can write nonstop. The relevant topics on which you can give suggestions to other people without any difficulty. Remember your basics and start blogging from today with a correct niche. Success is waiting on your door.

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  1. One of the better post, when anyone starts blogging he wants to become popular anyhow by writing anything which helps in getting more traffic and popularity without having his interest on that particular area. Blogging totally depends on your area of interest.
    .-= Vivek´s last blog ..10 Places From Where You Can Downlaod Movies =-.

  2. hey… you mentioned what i missed out..thanks 😉
    .-= IndianCashMaker´s last blog ..Get Money from the Matrimonial Affiliate Services =-.

  3. Even bloggers who write about something they are passionate about has a high abandon rate. I have to assume that if you start a blog about a niche, you have zero chance of success.
    .-= Gabe | freebloghelp.com´s last blog ..I’ll do anything for you (except visit your blog) =-.

    • Hi Gabe, Can you give some more insights on your thought, I am not agree with you at all. I have lots of points to share: I am not agree with generic blogging. Fetching so many contents from different topics are sufficient to confuse the readers. It may effect bounce rate of the blog. Also achieving subscribers is a very tough job in generic blogging. Niche blogging is a long term game but it work alway well.

      • I just realized that I missed a few words in my previous comment. Anyway, here’s what I think stated in another way:

        Blogging about niche you ARE NOT passionate about = no chance of success

        Blogging about nice you ARE passionate about = better chance of success

        Even though the latter improves your chances, many will still fall off the map.
        .-= Gabe | freebloghelp.com´s last blog ..Twitter won’t let you be a total sheep =-.

  4. But there are many things in life which we see first time and after going through these, we find that we have a great interest in it. For many people there may be many areas where they have great interest and also great knowledge on those areas. But I think interest and knowledge are not so directly proportional to each other. Writting on something is pretty tough and needs a lot of ceativity & knowledge and the ability to explain that knowledge.
    For me writting is a tough job. It really needs a lot of practice and reaserch.
    If you have interest in a particulr topic and you want to write on that then it would be easier than other topics in which you have less interest but I think it is not neccesary to write on that particular topic. You can reaserch on any niche in which you are comfortable and then can write on that also. There are many bloggers who have many blogs on different niche, it doesn’t mean that thay have deep interest on all those topics.

  5. Deciding a blogging niche is really a must, most of the bloggers end up their blogging journey just because they have not choosen the right niche, and they can’t stick to that particular niche for a longer run !

    BTW making your area of interest as your blogging niche is really the best option one can go for. Just try it once and your readers will definitely love your blog!

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