A Look At Flow,Peak And Glance Features Of Blackberry OS 10

Blackberry OS 10 is without a doubt an OS we cannot wait to get our hands on. the initial reactions seem that it would very much be based on the Blackberry Tablet OS and be scaled down to be used on a smart phone. The OS 10 devices are largely expected to be based on a lot of gestures which would in a way justify the absence of a physical button on the device. It makes the device look elegant and also using it lot less cumbersome and lot more geeky.

There are three main actions as a result of gestures that are the talk of BB OS 10 called, Peak, Glance and Flow. What they do? Here is the best explanation by an on screen tester at Crackberry:

Flow describes the ability of the user to seamlessly traverse between application experiences on the device (as opposed to the more common open / close paradigmn of iOS).

Glance is the gesture that allows you to preview notifications easily within BlackBerry 10, by swiping up at an angle from the bottom right corner of the display. This pulls in the vertical notification bar from the right. Continuing the glance gesture to the left hooks you into the unified inbox. So from anywhere on the OS — no matter what app you are in — you are never more than a quick gesture away from jumping into messages.

Peek is the in-app gesture that allows you to view multiple layers of an app at once. The classic demonstration provided of this is when viewing an attachment such as a .pdf within the email app. By peeking back, you can view the attachment, the email and the inbox all at once to quickly flow to wherever you want to go.”

However, if you are not satisfied with just words, here is the video preview of all these three features:

Do these features make a difference to you in the BB OS 10? What other features are you looking forward to? Do let us know in the section below.

Via: crackberry

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