A Pilot’s License or Pilot’s Certificate?

For those of us who have friends who fly as a profession, we have definitely heard them say they have a flying or a pilot’s licence after clocking so and so number of Nautical Miles or hours etc. However, on the contrary, if you read on the internet, equally possible is somebody calling the flying licence to be flying certificate. So which one exactly it is? A common notion so far has been that those who are flying commercial aircraft or jets own a flying certificate, while flying licence is reserved for those, who are on space duties.

Flying certificate

However, this seems a little off the hook in all honesty. According to Charles Spence at GeneralAviationNews, the FAA, governing body that issues these licences or certificates, recently has started using the term certificate for any aviation related activity while license has been earmarked to be used in case of any space related activity to help easy distinguishing.

Therefore, any activity related to an aviation related job, be it maintenance, flying or simple repair checks, all of them have a certificate issued against them. It is expected that these changes would soon take place on the FAA website too as over there, these terms are currently being used interchangeably as there had been no clear demarcation so far. According to the report on GANOklahoma City Office of the FAA has been using the term certificate for a while now while processing the papers of the pilots. This is certainly an interesting bit of information as we have heard both the terms being thrown around and never have been truly sure which is the right way.

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