A Pink Galaxy Note Coming Soon?

Galaxy Note or the Pho-Ta as most of us have loved to call it is a unique device. There is no denying that it boasts one of the most gorgeous displays and if you have massive hands and an ardent lover of media on the go, you just cannot go wrong with this device. However, having used the phone for about two months, the screen size may well be a few centimeters too big to be used as a daily smartphone. If you already have a tablet at home then the Galaxy Note may well be of little use to you and you might better off with a slightly smaller display.

However, we are not here to discuss or review the Galaxy Note. That is something we have already done. You can check out our Video review of the Galaxy Note here. The news is doing the rounds that this massive device which already is an eye candy is going to stick to your eyes even more. This is because the Galaxy Note is all set to launch in Berry color which is very close to pink for all those color blind people like me. It is indeed very tough to get your heads around a pink smartphone of 5.3 inches but that may soon be the reality. The device in Pink was available in South Korea previously but it was tough to imagine Samsung launching it in other countries too.

However, in this advertisement by Carphone Warehouse it does seem that sometime in June United Kingdom would get their hands on this ‘pretty in pink’ device. I am still struggling to understand who would pick a Galaxy Note in Pink. Each to their own i guess. So what do you think about a pink device? Should other phones be available in such colours too apart from standard black and white? Would you pick a Pink Galaxy Note? Do let us know.

via: AndroidCentral

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