A Simple Charger Hack can Introduce Malware to your iOS Device

One of the main reasons why Apple products have done well in the market is cause they are comparatively a lot safer from intruders, viruses and malware attacks as compared to say Android or even Windows in the Desktop Environment. Plenty of hackers and crackers have targeted APple products in the past, but have largely come unstuck. However, it looks like this complicated task of introducing Malware in the iOS system can be done by a small hack to your wall charger.

iPhone charger

Yes, it may be hard to believe at the first instance but researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a concept using the chargers that can introduce malware to iOS devices. The method is reportedly full proof, and all it requires is you to connect your iOS device to the modified charger. You do not even need to jailbreak your device or do any sort of modification in the root file directory.

How exactly this charger is made or what is the mod, is very much a mystery still but most of these questions will be answered when the concept is showcased at a security conference next month. According to the researchers, a beagleboard, an open sourced computer hardware is used to install malware in the iOS device and it takes less than a minute to do the job.

It indeed is alarming and raises lots of new concerns regarding security of device, if so easily a malware can be installed on your precious iOS devices. It indeed would be interesting to follow as this story develops.

Via: Technobuffalo

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