A Simple Mod Allows You To record 720 P Video On Nexus 7

Nexus 7 is one of the best tablets out in the market today. Despite all the noises that the new Kindle devices have made, it is pretty easy to still say that the Nexus 7 takes the laurels of the best tablet in 7 inch range away. However, if we are to analyse everything then Google has left this device open quite a lot for the developers to explore and exploit.

One such feature is the Tablet’s Camera. Google decided to let the users chose how they wish to use the camera on their tabs. The fact they let the device ship without a dedicated camera launching app in itself was a big shock. Another shock is the device’s camera despite being fairly capable does not shoot HD videos in 720P. Turns out when we check through the coding that Google has just not activated it and it is a very simple procedure to do the same. So in case you own a Nexus 7 tablet like I do then you can rejoice as a very simple procedure can now let you record videos in 720 P on your device.

However, we do recommend you do not use this Camera to shoot many videos because it would look rather strange to anybody looking at you who will see you shooting from the front facing camera, that too of a tablet. It is a tweak for those who are hard core nerds and would like to maximize the potential of their devices. You must be on a rooted device to be able to carry out this procedure. Here is the simple guide for you to carry out. You just have to edit a few lines of coding in your device.

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