A Simple NFC Sticker can add Physical Buttons to your Android Phone

As we move towards design that are minimalistic and clean, physical buttons on a smartphone are a thing long forgotten. Most of the Android phones today, have only three buttons which includes the power and volume up and down buttons, which is technically two. But sometimes you need more. For example, I have always been a fan of phones which have a dedicated shutter button to help me take a shot, no wonder I am using an Xperia Z1 as my primary smartphone.


However, not all phones have that, and a solution to this problem is to add in physical buttons with the help of an NFC sticker. The sticker basically pairs via NFC on your device and gives you four programmable buttons whose call to action, you can decide. The sticker is by a small startup called called Dimple and is one of the several interesting things they are doing.

You can pretty much programme the sticker to do anything that you wish to including launching apps, making calls, controlling music etc. The setup requires no extra power either and is one of the most resource friendly ways of adding extra value to your device. It works currently on devices that run Android 4.0 and above only and more details will emerge about it only with time. The sticker is set to be launched on Indiegogo for $15 per pledge and will be eventually made available for $28.99.

Here is a video showcasing the product:

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