A7 Processor on the next iPhone codenamed Phosphorus and showed off in schematics

The iPhone 6 is just around the corner. So close that probably each one of us has by now seen the device and its potentially accurate render, giving us a fair idea of what the final deal is going to be. We have a fair idea of the screen size, maybe even the camera and the aesthetics of the device, yet one of the things that we do not know enough about is the internal specs of the device, the RAM it would have and what would be the configuration of the A7 chip that would debut with the device. It is sure that the phone will have 64 bit chip.

A7 CHip

According to this report in 9to5mac a new schematic of the A7 chip has been revealed which shows that the A7 chip will work exactly the way that A6 was working, though with an extra functionality. The same report says that the schematic shows the chip will be able to communicate with the external set of accessories, which was not the case with A6. The motion sensing features will continue to be supported here. It is being speculated that this external communication is key to the way Apple wants to sync its iWatch to the smartphone.

No way will we see the codename Phosphorus on the marketing pages, but it definitely would be interesting to see the teardown of the A7 and what is it new that Apple has done with the chip of the device as it is next to impossible to find all that is new from just the schematic diagram.

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