Access Entire Windows 7 Settings via This Magical Tool

We told you about GodMode in Windows 7 to access all the settings of Windows 7 from single folder. If you are looking forward for some other tool to perform the task in some better manner then check out Windows 7 in a box. As the name implies you can access your entire computer using a single box (program’s interface). This tool is a perfect Control panel and God Mode alternative.


Download a zip file on your computer. Extract theWindows 7 in a Box.exe file. You don’t need to install this application on your PC. Just double click on the extracted file to run it.

On first run you’ll see a menu bar containing functions, folders, internet settings, programs, tools and settings. Click on each menu to explore all the options. Click on Functions menu and you can logoff, restart, shutdown, hibernate your PC directly from the program’s interface. Also you can browse power options, system options, remove hardware, access stored usernames and passwords, and many more things.


Clicking on Folders menu will give you options to access almost all the important locations of your PC. You can jump to desktop, favorites, windows, system folders, recycle bin, windows temporary files, my documents, application data, recent documents, folder options and many other folder locations.


Tools menu give you options to access Windows 7 inbuilt tools such as disk cleanup, task manager, registry editor, resource monitor, windows defender, and many other functions.


Clicking on Program’s menu gives you option to access all the installed program directly from the interface. Similarly internet settings menu will give you access to internet related options.

Instead of GodMode, this tool is another option to quickly access all the important settings of your Windows 7 PC without going to Control Panel.

Download Windows 7 in a Box.

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