Access Kindle Books on your Windows Computer

Now access the power of more than 360,000 books with just the click of a button on your computer. So what if you don’t have a tablet PC. Now you can access the Kindle books directly from your computer. No need to buy Kindle device for it.


The app can be downloaded from the Amazon website and comes in an easy installer package. Once installed, the main page contains the free books available for reading for the day. You can access more books by going to the Amazon store where the books can be purchased for considerably low prices. There are tons of selections to choose from so you will never get tired of using this.

kindle inside

Kindle makes the reading experience on your computer much easier compared to the Adobe Reader. The interface is extremely user friendly. You can add bookmarks on any page you want so you can access the page at a later time. There is an option that allows you to go to any page in the book at any time. Just type in the page number and you are there. There is a full screen mode for reading. You have the option to view the pages in multiple columns or single columns.

kindle options

Kindle provides extensive options to improve the reading experience. You can change the font size, words per line, increase or decrease the brightness and even change the color of the background from white,sepia or black. You can choose whichever color suits your eyes so they do not get strained due to continuous exposure to the screen.

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