Access the Facebook App on iOS Devices in Fullscreen with this Tweak

Facebook is one of the most used applications on iOS. We like to stay connected to our friends on Facebook by either interacting on their posts or publishing content on the move using the mobile app of Facebook. While the facebook app has come a long way both, in terms of design and functionalities in the past few years, there are still a few things that are annoying about it. For example, while it is possible on Android phones to access the Facebook app in fullscreen mode thanks to the immersive mode for KitKat 4.4.


For iOS, nothing like that exists, so as a result, you are forced to use the app in the screenspace, whatever is left over after the top menu bar has taken space. However, thanks to the jailbreaking community, we have a good alternate to this. You can now access the Facebook application in full screen mode thanks to a tweak called Facebook Fullscreen. This tweak works only on the official Facebook application, so you must have that downloaded for the tweak to function. Make sure you have the device jailbroken too.

Once you have done that, head over to the BigBoss Repo where the tweak is available for absolutely free. You will have to install the tweak and restart the springboard for the tweak to take effect. There are no settings or configurations for you to play along here, just fire the application up and you will see it in full screen mode. Just uninstall the tweak to go back to the original view.


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