Activate Windows Automatically After Reinstalling it Using Advanced Tokens Manager

The biggest pain for any Windows user is to reinstall it again from the scratch. After installation users have to activate a fresh copy again after reinstalling. This can be a painstaking process which you would rather like to avoid. Advanced Tokens Manager stores a backup of your Windows Activation keys so that when you reinstall your Windows, you can restore the activation with a few simple steps using this app.

advanced tokens manager

Advanced Tokens Manager comes in a rar file. Download the rar file, extract the files from the archive, and run the application. Since this is a portable app, you can store the app anywhere after your backup, like on a USB drive so you don’t lose it. So once the application is run, click on the Backup Activation button. On some systems you may get an error “ Hidden key detected”. Simply ignore this and click “Yes”. In a few seconds, the app will store a backup of your activation and keep it safe for later. So now, once you have installed a fresh copy of Windows, you can restore your activation by opening the app and clicking on the Restore activation button.

Advanced Tokens Manager also supports backup of Office Activation keys and works on all versions of Windows.

Download Advanced Tokens Manager.

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