Ad For Google Nexus 7 On Google Home Page Now

Google is notoriously bad when it comes to showing off their products. I was extremely surprised the other day when to my surprise a lot of people I interacted with had no idea what a Nexus device is. Compare that to Apple where and iPad or the iPhone are house hold name, and you come to know what a stark contrast exists between the two companies when it comes to marketing strategies. However, it seems like Google is ready to change all of this with it’s latest move.

In a rare event of showing off their pretty creation, Google has added the image of it’s just launched Nexus 7 tablet to it’s homepage. You can check that out by visiting Google, however, this may not work for those in the region where the tablet is not out for sales. This definitely seems like a great strategy by Google to show off to the world its new tablet given that it’s home page is probably the most visited. We have been using the tablet for a while now, and must say that it has left us extremely impressed. The tablet seems to pack a really powerful punch and for a meagre price of $199, the tablet is amazingly affordable.

The ad now reads”The playground is now open”. What are your views about this tablet and this new strategy by Google to show it off on their home screen? Do let us know in the section below.

Via: Geekwire

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