Adblock Plus: Block All Ads On Google Chrome

When we talk about Chrome extension this is probably the most popular one. Adblock Plus, as the name suggest is a chrome extension to block unnecessary ads and pop-ups on your browser. While some say blocking ads is like killing the idea of a free web, I feel it’s more of a personal choice. If you simply cannot stand advertisements in the middle of your work, you can count on Adblock Plus to take care of advertisements.

To add Adblock Plus on your Google chrome click on the following link.

Google Chrome Web Store

Just click on Add to Chrome button on the top left corner and leave the rest to Google chrome. It will take a couple of seconds to install the extension on your browser.

After installing you can change the settings of the extension if you want to. For this, you must go to Tool à Extension. You’ll find a list of all the extensions installed on your browser; from here you can select Adblock and click on options. You can also Enable or Disable the extension as per your wish.

The options menu is pretty simple. You can white list some of the web pages by adding their domain. You can also ad your filters and play around some other options like enabling or disabling inline text ads. To uninstall the extension you can simple click on the remove button. Overall, Adblock Plus is a simple, neat and the best extension to block online advertisements.

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