Add And Remove Elements From Send To Menu

“Send to” right click menu lets you send any file to specific element or entry. Lets say you want to send a music file to your Bluetooth device via your PC. There are two methods to do it. First is open the Bluetooth application of your PC and then send the file via it. Second method is right click on the file and select the option “send to”. It will show the “Bluetooth device” in the option menu. Click on it to send it file immediately. Send to allows you easily send file to different applications without directly going through the program first.


Having too many items on the send to menu increases clutter which makes it difficult to pick the correct item from the list. What if we able to remove any item from the send to menu and add the item which is not present!

There is an application for Windows known as Send To Toys that lets you add and remove items in the send to menu. Download and install it on your computer. An option panel will appear. It will show you all the possible enttries. If you find any inappropriate entry, you can delete it anytime by clicking on it and then clicking “Remove“ button. Also you can add any entry of your choice by clicking on the “Add” button.


While installing the application, it asks you to check the items to be included in the send to menu. You can uncheck them to remove. But you can always remove them later. It includes some nice entries such as Clipboard, Command Prompt, Default mail recipient, favorites and Quick Launch.

Download Send To Toys to quickly add and remove items from the Send to menu [via DownloadSquad].

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