Add Annotations to images Easily With iPhoto Draw

Most of the software used for photo editing that are available on the internet have the option to add annotations to images within the app. iPhoto Draw is an app that is meant specifically for the purpose of adding some extra text or color to an image. This app does not have any of the advanced photo editing options that are present in Photoshop. iPhoto Draw is a simple and easy to use app that can be used by anybody to have some fun with their pictures.

iphoto draw

iPhoto Draw comes in an installer that will take a few seconds to download. Install the app and run the exe file. A window will open up where you have to simply locate the image file that you want to edit using this software. Once the image is opened in the app, you can add different shapes, callout boxes in which you can write your text to make it look like the person in the image is saying it, arrows or even add images inside of images which is quite easy to do with this app. You can change the font of the text, change the color of the callout boxes or arrows by simply right clicking on the shape and going to properties. There you can configure various options like the color of boxes, colors of the outlines, font color, size and type etc.

This app is compatible in all versions of Windows and is not really meant for professional users. It is a simple tool that you can use to have some fun with your pictures.

Download iPhoto Draw.

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