Add folders To Send to Menu With This Simple Windows Shell Extension

Have you ever noticed that the send to menu in Windows has only a limited number of folders to which you can directly send the files? We users need a little bit of flexibility to make our experience of using Windows simpler and faster. SendtoSendto is a Windows shell extension that allows users to add folders to the send to menu so that they can send folders to their desired location with ease. This extension uses minimum resource from your computer and is simple enough to install and use by anybody since everything complicated is done by the installer.

send to

As seen in the screenshot, once the tool is installed, an option “add here” is placed in the send to sub menu when you right click on any file. To add a folder to the send to menu, just click on add here and enter the destination of the folder that you would like to have in the sub menu.

send to add

If you want to move the file into the desired folder, then just hold the shift button before right clicking on the file. Then go to the send to menu and select “add here”. From there just select the location to which you want to move the file. This will permanently move the file to the desired folder. Normally, the tool will simply copy the file into the other folder. So with this extension, you have an easier shortcut for moving as well as copying the files to other folders.

This extension is a must have for all users as it adds a bit of simplicity to Windows users.

Download sendtosendto.

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