Add Transitions To App Switching Using JEPIT On iPhone

iOS has always had its ways with navigating through the User Interface. It gets old for some people and they want a change as soon as possible. If you are bored then we have the perfect tweak for you! Jepit is a new free tweak and it adds really nice animations you can choose from for app switching.

There are a few to choose from and many of them look really cool. The whole interface of this tweak isn’t good. There are a lot of errors and hopefully the developer will get them worked out in near future.

Along with the transitions you can change the speed of the animation as well. Make sure you enable it and then set the speed as desired. Overall this tweaks functionality works like a charm but the User Interface needs an upgrade.

To install this tweak you need to follow the steps given below:

Open Cydia on your jailbroken iphone.

Let the data load.

Once the data is loaded go to search and type in “Jepit”.

It’s free in the BigBoss repo, insanelyi and IHR.

Select it.

Install it.

Respring or reboot your device.

You are done to use it.

If you know any other tweaks similar to this one or any other tweak which you might think would be useful to iphone users please let us know.

Blogtechnika will not be responsible if your device gets bricked while using Cydia.


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