Add Your Twitter Stream to Any Feed Reader Using Twitter for RSS

Users can now subscribe to people who they want to follow on Twitter and view their updates and posts on Twitter using their Feed Reader. Twitter to RSS is a simple online tool that allows users to add whoever they want to follow to their Feed Reader. It is an online tool so it requires no download or installation.


The Twitter to RSS application is easy to use and quite straight forward. To start using this tool, head over to the website by clicking on the link below. In the space given on the main window, type in the username or email address of the person you want to follow. Once you have entered the username, the website will give you a preview of the tweets that the person has entered recently. Next to that will be a list of readers to choose from. Select the reader that you us as default and subscribe the feed to the reader. Then, you will be able to view any updates from that person you are following directly from your feed reader.

Twitter to RSS supports  number of feed readers that you can choose from and even if the reader you are using is not on the list, you can simply click on Custom to view the feed and can then copy the link and paste it into your custom Feed Reader. You can add Twitter feed of any user to Netvibes, Google Reader, Yahoo, Newsgator etc.

Check out  Twitter to RSS.

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