Adobe’s Creative Cloud already Cracked and Pirated

When Adobe announced it’s creative suite, the new policies were clearly designed to prevent piracy. Instead of buying the software, Adobe had laid out the new scheme where all the tools are available online and the user has to pay once to Adobe to be able to access it for a lifetime. This is very similar to how the cellphone operators operate. So no more do you have to install Adobe Photoshop or other softwares, but pay Adobe and then they allow you to install the tools on your system . However, things went topsy-turvy when this downloaded software was crackable and that is exactly what has happened.

Photoshop Cracked

Adobe Photoshop and other creative tools of Adobe Creative Cloud are now cracked and available to download just like any other pirated software. Although the effort from the side of Adobe was commendable, you have to feel it has failed miserably. Photoshop, according to some stats is the most pirated software in the world and given how popular it is in the photography industry, you can understand why it is a matter of big concern to Adobe.

It would be interesting to see how Adobe handles this and if they actually start tracing duplicate serial numbers and start blacklisting or come up with some other method.

Via: Cult of Mac

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