After Bendgate Get Ready for GapGate: Samsung Galaxy Note IV Reported to have Manufacturing Defect

Samsung has taken great pleasure in taking the micky out of Apple at every possible occasion. Be it, when Apple finally decided to go with a larger sized iPhone or with countless advertisements, Apple has been on Samsung’s radar since maybe the chicken came of that egg. They were at it again, when the infamous bendgate issue happened where some of the iPhone 6 Plus were reported to be bending at one of the weak stress points.


However, looks like Samsung must be on the guard themselves or risk laughing too soon without realising that all is not rosy in their own backyard. According to reports in Korea and several publications, several of the new Samsung Galaxy Note IV devices have been reported to have a frame separation leading to the new Gapgate controversy. According to the reports, there is a gap on some of the devices between the external metal frame and the main display chassis of the phone which can be as wide as allowing a paper to pass through it.

We have seen some of the devices in past with metal contacts, such as the HTC M7 have similar issues with hairline gap at the point where the non metal and the metallic parts come in conjunction. It is not clear how massive the issue is yet, though Samsung is said to be aware of the same. Since the phone is only on sale in Korea, you would like to believe it would be resolved before the phone is launched globally.


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