After Much Anticipation, Jolla Smartphone Arrives in India for Rs 16,499

You may say, yet another smartphone is here, but the engineers at Jolla would totally disagree with you. Apparently, all of them are well aware of the crowded space that they are stepping into and therefore are propagating a new thought, instead of doing smartphone, how it has been done for ages. Stemming from its roots in Finland, Jolla is a bunch of Engineers who previously worked with Nokia in its glory years.


The company, announced its first smartphone, called, Jolla Smartphone last year and has finally decided to bring it to India. With an all new OS, called SailFish OS, which is designed from ground up integrating a lot of gestures as well as live multitasking and true support for Android applications. The Jolla Smartphone also has interchangeable back panels which allows for a greater personalisation of the smartphone.

Jolla Smartphone is an exclusive to Snapdeal for now and will be available for Rs 16,499. There are no plans to take the sale offline, at least currently. In terms of specifications, they are fairly modest but its the experience that matters more and with Jolla Smartphone, that is mostly being reported to be just fine. The device has a 4.5 inch qHD display with a 16 GB internal memory and 1 GB of RAM. You do have a slot for memory expansion via Micro SD. The rear camera is 8 MP while you have a 2 MP unit on the front.

You can go ahead and order your Jolla device in India here

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