After the Successful Launch of A9, HTC is said to be working on the X9

Everyone called it a dummy version and an exact copy of the iPhone, but the HTC A9 has been one of the most talked about devices in the Android world besides the new Nexii. The device basically for many is the perfect hardware thanks to the premium build of the device with a software that is one of the most liked out there, HTC Sense. What the A9 did not show though, is the prowess in designing beautiful phones that HTC has always been known for through all these years.


To put this right, it looks like HTC is set to bring a new flagship called the HTC X9 in January. The mention of the device comes from a flier that was spotted on Weibo and shows three capacitive buttons alongside the boomsound speakers. According to the source, the device will have a 5-inch display with 2K display and will most likely be powered by either Snapdragon 820 or Helio X20 chipset. Not just this, the phone could pack a massive punch with a 23MP camera, 128 GB internal memory and 4 GB of RAM. HTC is expected to continue with the Ultrapixel camera on the front of the phone. From the first look, the phone looks very similar to the recently launched Butterfly 3 with the separated boomsound speakers. Guess, we will only know the final design of the phone when it is launched.

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