After Xiaomi, Its OnePlus One’s Turn to get Banned from selling Phones in India

It is like bad news is raining on the Chinese  players in India. It was barely a week that Xiaomi was banned from importing and selling phones in India and another new Chinese player has been handed over the same fate. The reason here is different, but OnePus would not be allowed to import or sell its products in India till the ban is rescinded. However, the catch here is that unlike Xiaomi there is no immediate ban and OnePlus will be able to sell off its current stocks until they run out and only beyond that would not be allowed to market or sell their devices.


The reason for the ban is down to an appeal by Micromax which has secured an exclusive partnership with software producers, Cyanogenmod to power their YU line of devices in India. OnePlus One also uses CyanogenMod as their OS and thus a conflict of interest could possibly arise. there has been enough hoopla in the media after CyanogenMod made clear that they are pulling support away from OnePlus Ones sold in India post the current release, but looks like Micromax is out to block even that.

It is being reported that at some point in time, OnePlus even agreed to give up on the trademark in India which makes the whole thing extremely confusing. Nobody has a clue on how this three-way battle between Cyanogen, OnePlus and Micromax will end, but for now, there is just one loser in the battle and that is the consumer.

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