Airbus Releases a Gorgeous Page Celebrating the Delivery of the First Airbus A250 XWB

Airbus A350 XWB is Airbus’ big move in enhancing the performances of its long range aircrafts. The XWB or Extra Wide Body Airbus A350 promises to deliver a better passenger experiences with lower vibration as well as green flying with lower emission rates than any that an Airbus aircraft has delivered. The very first fully functional- ready to fly Airbus A350 XWB was recently delivered to Qatar Airways in a ceremony and event that was anything but lacklustre.

Airbus A350-XWB

In order to recapture the feel and the event highlights, Airbus has come up with a beautiful microsite that integrates pictures, videos as well as the social media activities of the event as well as the development of the aircraft. The microsite for the same is available right here.

The aircraft Airbus A350 XWB is made 53% by weight from composite materials and promises 25% less fuel burn rate. So far, over 778 orders of the aircraft have been received by Airbus. The Airbus A350-900 has a range of about 14,350 km with a typical seating capacity of 315 passengers. With a wingspan of 64.75 meters, the Airbus A350 is made for long haul flying ensuring a better flying experience and a more efficient flying. the engine on the aircraft is a RR Trent XWB x2 with a thrust range of 374 kN.

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