Airbus Sells 123 Helicopters to three major Chinese Customers

Airbus has announced that it has sold a total of 123 general aviation helicopters to three Chinese customers. These three Chinese customers are identified to belong to the regions of Fujian, Guangdong and Yunnan provinces, though the exact coordinates including the names of these customers are not known yet. The sale mainly includes single engine helicopters from the well known model EC135. The deal was signed during the visit of German Chancellor to China.

Airbus Helicopters

These aircrafts are for general aviation use such as flying dignitaries, as none of these helicopters have any major stealth capabilities. Both Bell Aerospace and Sikorsky are known to build similar general aviation helicopters, though the major competitor of Airbus, Boeing has stayed far away from this vertical. Airbus Helicopter, which was until recently called Eurocopter is the largest helicopter manufacturer in the world, consuming almost 60% of the volume in the helicopter segment. Not just this, the helicopter manufacturing unit employees more than 23,000 workers, though the HQ of the same are in China.

The helicopters will be delivered in the next six years. Airbus Helicopters’ Chief Executive Guillaume Faury said of the move:

It is evident that China’s relaxation of its low-altitude airspace regulations is enabling the country’s burgeoning helicopter market to realize its potential.

Via: Wall Street Journal

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