Aircel Brings New Affordable 3G Plans To India

There is little to debate when I say that Data Plans are the backbones of smartphones today especially 3G data plans. However, as of now the 3G data is really expensive in India. But all of this is about to change as Aircel is introducing brand new 3G plans at extremely affordable and never seen before prices. So get ready to experience 3G, how it should be. Aircel while launching it’s 2G plan changed how Pocket Internet was consumed and previewed by the customers. And now with Pocket Internet Smart Aircel is all set to revolutionize  by unlocking the true potential of 3G, how both consumers and businesses use 3G.

At extremely affordable prices Pocket Internet Smart would let customers have an unlimited 3G data cap, also for the first time it would be possible to have both 3G as well as 2G data available without a capping with just one single recharge. All these plans could be used across variety of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, dongles etc.

The following are the new plans on offer by Aircel.

So finally we have 3G at extremely affordable rates and have high speed data available at our fingertips on our mobile devices. Also worth noting is that at Rs. 198 and above it is possible for the customer to migrate his plan from mobile to  dongle to tablets etc. Also the fact that plans are available for a weekly or even daily basis for casual users is a great bit of news. So why the wait, get up and quickly get your hands on 3G and come back and browse Blogtechnika on your mobile devices using new data plans.


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