Now Non Dropbox Users Can Send Files To Your Dropbox Account Using AirDropper [How To]

Dropbox is a well known file synchronization and backup service. But this tool comes with some limitation. Those users who are not using Dropbox can’t upload files on other’s account. This restriction leads users to use other clunky file backup services if they need to transfer large files over internet.

AirDropper is a solution for this problem. It let’s any computer user (without Dropbox account) to upload files on other’s Dropbox account easily and quickly. The process of uploading is not complex because user will get a secure link on his email and he just have to upload the files after clicking the link. Here’s a step by step guide to perform the task.

1. First, go to AirDropper website and click on “Start” button.


2. If you are already logged in with your Dropbox account, it will show your email ID from which you are connected. Click on “Allow” button to proceed to next step.


3. Now you have to prepare your file request. Enter your email address and email address of the person to whom you send the file upload request. You can also enter the description of files you are requesting. After filling all the required area, click the “Send” button.


4. It will show you the notice that you’ve requested a file from the person along with his email ID.


5. Other person will receive your file request on his mail inbox. It includes the secure link inside the mail. You can ask your friend to visit the secure link and upload the file.


6. When the person will open the secure link, he will get a “browse” and button to browse files from the computer. He can click on it to add file from computer. After adding the file, “Send” button will appear. Clicking on it results in uploading the selected files in Dropbox account of the receiver.


The tool comes with one nice feature. After sending one file, the sender can’t send other file because the secure link automatically expires after one usage.

AirDropper uses SSL encryption at each stage of a request, both while you’re making a request and while the file travels from the sender’s computer to your Dropbox. They don’t save any of your data inside their servers.

It comes with one restriction also. User can’t send more than one file at a time. To overcome this problem, one nice workout is to zip the file using Winzip or other file compression tool and then send the file.

Check out AirDropper.

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