Airfoil Increases You Laptop’s Battery Life

Laptop battery is a big issue among users. It reduces due to many factors such as Windows Aero feature, screensaver, background processes, visual effects, search indexing, more screen brightness, and unwanted resource usage.

It is advisable to keep all these factors turn off while your computer is running on battery. But this is not possible all the time to switch between the settings of the laptop. Suppose a program which automatically kill some battery affecting factors while you switch to battery mode. Aerofoil program does exactly the same thing.

It turns off Aero Glass, switch power plans, disable Windows sidebar and mute the audio whenever your laptop runs on battery power. When you plug the power, all the settings go back to their original condition. Also it displays Hibernate option to quickly hibernate your laptop.

Download and install the application on your computer. The installation process is simple. In between the installation, you’ll get a set up window as shown in the below screenshot. It will show the power profile of your laptop. You can select different power profile for “On battery” and “On AC” conditions.


In the next step you have to select the options. The program can manage the factors like power plan, volume, Windows sidebar, quick hibernate option. Check the boxes next to option name to select them. After selection, click “Next” and then finish the installation.


The program resides on the system tray. You can right click on the icon to select the options. If you want to stop the program, simply right click on the program’s icon and select “Exit”.


Overall it is a nice program to save the battery life. I wish developers of this program could also add some features to automatically turn off screensavers, search indexing, and other factors when laptop runs on battery.

Download AeroFoil free application to boost your Laptop’s battery life.

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