All About The Widget-y Nokia Belle Update

The early 2011 triggered the start of Symbian Belle with a video showing leaked version running for N8. Since then Symbian Belle has been synonymous with the name Nokia. On August 24 2011, it was officially launched for three smartphones namely Nokia 603, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701. The Symbian Belle had various advanced features of Symbian Anna which was the earlier update. Some of the changes were free form resizable home-screen widgets, replacing the previous 3 home-screens with 6 home-screens, pull-down notification bar similar to Android and few likely ones. So now with this update pretty much rolled out for all the supported phones, what exactly is new here and if you should go ahead and download the update, let’s find out.

The new range of Nokia Belle (renamed from Symbian Belle) gives users an eye-catchy design and high-performance experience with virtual keyboard and flexibility. The latest leap with Belle was made with the launch of Nokia PureView 808 (yes that’s the phone with 41megapixel camera). The Feature Pack-1 was made public in March and then Nokia Belle update was availed to the Nokia 603, 700 and 701, thereafter launching PureView 808.

The Feature Pack 1 proffers improved entertainment, and personalization options. Boosting the entertainment feel with Dolby Headphones and Dolby Digital plus, the user gets the best of music, games and movies. A great pack of widgets transform the personalized experience with almost 20 new widgets. No, this doesn’t make your phone slow rather you have a faster speed. With the newer Nokia Maps version and HTML 5 support your browsing experience is escalated. The more you look for the more you find. Nokia Belle is here to surprise you with many new things.

The list of widgets includes a multiple variety of clock widgets, analogue and digital clocks in big and small sizes transparent and semi-transparent patterns. A big analogue clock is a main widget within them. There is also a new classy Tribal pattern with the clock widget. There is a Mechanical clock with a stunning look. With the clock widgets utility widgets are also available. There is the Visual Bookmark widget which bookmarks your previously visited links. There is an RSS feed widget to let you read and see all your followed RSS feeds from BBC news. Also it gives you a widget which records you mobile data and is called as the Mobile Tracker Widget. Drop down notification calendars, date-time widgets, Contacts, different sized music widgets and weather widgets are also counted among them. With the newer version of Nokia maps the new updated Nokia Maps widget is also found with this Nokia belle Update. There is a setting to make widgets go offline and save the battery power.

I hope all the new features have motivated you to get this update on your device since it most definitely worth it. Not only it makes the UI a lot more interesting but also user friendly. Do let us know if you have any queries or suggestions regarding the Belle update, we would be glad to help.

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