All Moto Phones in 2016 Will Feature a Fingerprint Scanner

It was announced just days ago that Motorola as a brand will no longer be breathing alive in the year 2016. Lenovo, the parent company of Motorola has decided only to use the Moto moniker of Motorola for its high end devices, while all the low end or budget devices will be under the currently existing Vibe lineup of phones. Motorola was perhaps the only major mobile manufacturer in 2015, which did not flirt with a fingerprint scanner on their phone, a trend that seems to be really the next big thing. Going forward in 2016, all the Motorola devices will come with fingerprint scanner and the news comes from Chen Xudong, SVP of Lenovo and President for Lenovo China and Asia Pacific who outlined the plans that Lenovo has for the new year.


Mr Chen confirmed that Lenovo would not be looking at more than 15 phone launches under both, the Moto and Vibe moniker in the year 2016. The Moto phones will be restricted to having a screen size of more than 5 inches, which certainly puts the position of the Moto E in a bit of a jeopardy. Lenovo may decide to move the Moto E series altogether with the Vibe series or even give it a size lift.

The executive also confirmed that Google will make an entry again in China this year, which means that there is hope for Android users in China to get back the goodness of Play Store.


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