Amazon India Aims to Deliver your orders in 1 Day

While the United States of America is all excited about delivery of Amazon products via drones, in India, things are not all that bad. Relatively speaking. Yes. E-Commerce is yet to take off completely in India and most people still take E-Commerce to be Flipkart, but Amazon is actually making it’s presence felt and showing why they are so highly rated in the services market if not in the products sphere too.


We may not have drones yet, but Amazon India is promising to deliver your products in one day. It will come at a prize of Rs 99 over and above the prize of what you order and is not applicable on all the products. In fact it is applicable only on products that come straight from Amazon rather than one of the retailers. There is also a two day delivery scheme which will make sure your products reach in two days time and you pay Rs 79 for that. Once again, it is not applicable on products coming from any of the retail partners.

In case you order the product in the 1 day or 2 day scheme and it is not delivered for whatever reason, you are entitled for a 100% return of your money. Large and heavy items do not qualify under this scheme and also, you must order within a specific time span to be be able to see the option of a one day delivery. Are you going to avail this service? Let us know.

Via: Fone Arena

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