Amazon Posts An Interesting Comparison Between iPad Mini And Amazon Fire HD

It is no secret that if one tablet that has really gained most from a not so awesome launch of iPad Mini is the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. The market for a portable table in the 7 inch region is certainly heating up. So far, the Nexus 7 seems to have the market in it’s favor but a lot of experts were actually expecting that to change with the launch of the iPad Mini. However, the iPad Mini did disappoint in terms of specs it bought on the table and the price too seemed rather steep. The Kindle fire almost tripled it’s sale after the announcement of iPad Mini, which affirms the belief that a lot of people were actually waiting for the announcement from Apple before diving into the tablet market, and seemingly were no too impressed with what the massively successful Mobile computing company had to offer.

Apple made loads of efforts to show off on stage how their device was ahead of the Nexus 7. Which is never the way Apple do things. If they were so confident of their product being ahead of others then they would leave that opinion to come from the users without having to show that off to the public. And picking up right from there Amazon have put up a very interesting post on their Kindle Fire Page highlighting how far ahead the Kindle Fire HD is from the iPad Mini. We do agree with most of the points, but what they fail to highlight is the entire Apple eco-system that the iPad Mini would be a part of, due to which it automatically becomes a very sound choice for at least those who will be using a tablet for the very first time.

What are your views on the two tablets? Do let us know in the section below.

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