Amazon rumored to have Acquired Evi, A Siri Like Voice Assistant

Siri means the world to many of us, it is our fall back virtual friend when the world decides to ditch us. And for the geeks and nerds like us, Siri is pretty much the only thing who has enough patience to talk to us. But seems like every platform wants a Siri for itself. We have Google Now for Android and now, if the rumor is to believed then Amazon is adding Evi to it’s ranks. For those who are not familiar with Evi, it is a Siri Alternative and available currently to download on iOS and Android.


TechCrunch has reported that Evi, made by True Knowledge Ltd has been acquired by Amazon for a cool $26 Million. Although, neither parties have confirmed the deal, but the rumor mills are in full force on this one. It actually makes a lot of sense as well, since we are expecting an Amazon smart phone by the end of the year and with Kindle Fire range of tablets already doing well in the mid segment range, a voice assistant would be a logical next step.

The news rumor originated from the annual report of one of the investors in True Knowledge Ltd. Rumors are there have been massive changes at True Knowledge and the Directors already replaced by the legal team of Amazon. This move definitely strengthens the Amazon ecosystem, but it may just not be enough yet for it to take on the likes of Apple and Google in the fight for supremacy in the mobile tech world.

Via: Android Authority

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