An In Depth Walk Through Of The BlackBerry OS 10

Let’s face it, Android and iOS have stagnated a little bit, as a mobile world enthusiasts we always are on the lookout for the most interesting thing on the horizon or the rising trend if you may. And certainly at the moment the talk of the town is the Blackberry OS 10. We all love Blackberrys for their ability to handle IM and E-Mails. They were the first devices to bring portable mailing solutions but have fallen behind the smart phone race primarily because of not moving forward with time. However, finally BB is all set to get a massive face lift when BlackBerry OS 10 is released on January 30th. It is indeed super exciting.


There have been plenty of leaks of the BlackBerry OS 10 in the past few weeks, but of late at CES Blackberry did a great job of slyly showing off what the OS 10 is about. Here is a video with hands on as detailed as you can imagine experience with the Blackberry OS 10, and after that I would share with you what our personal opinions are of the OS 10 seeing the video, check it out, thanks to our friends at Technobuffalo:

The Good:

We absolutely loved the new Lock Screen on the BB10. The previous BB devices had a dedicated lock screen which did too much apart from displaying your name and contact details if you chose to input them. The effect on unlocking the new lock screen is kind of really neat. And the best bit is that you are not restricting to unlocking your device at the same area. The HTML 5 browser from the sound of it has the highest score than any other stock browser so that is another thing that makes us really look forward to the internet browsing experience on Blackberry 10, given Blackberry would provide with hardware that is capable of providing a good experience which would mean at least a 4 inch plus displays. We love the camera features from what was demoed. The before and after pictures would save us so many shots where one person in the group always ends up blinking or making an odd face.  The sharing of data such as your BBM pin or adding friends directly to BB messenger is a very cool utility of NFC. We also like the work and home mode separation. Blackberrys have been notorious for not letting us enjoy the family time even when we are away from work. We are constantly on the lookout for Mails or IMs and that is not good. With the ability to lock your office mode away, it would only help us become a little more free and enjoy the free time.

The Not So Good Or Wait And Watch:

However, some of the things that we are sitting on the fence are mainly regarding the developer support BB 10 will get. We are all well aware that RIM is not doing great financially at the moment so that directly would show up on the amount of development fee they would be willing to pay developers to bring their apps to BB10 platform, now this could be a potential deal breaker for what looks like a very promising OS. Also, the inclusion of music and videos in the BlackBerry Store is a wait and watch feature, we are not too sure of the amount of content that would be available on here when compared to say Google Play. The Social Network integration in the form of Blackberry Hub is another thing we would like to wait and see before commenting. The reason is simple, Sony tried something very similar with their Timescape UI and it was extremely laggy and consumed a lot of Data, we hope for Blackberry’s sake that they get the Hub right cause the essence of Blackberry is based on how well apps like Twitter, FB, Linkedin etc integrate into the system. Another thing to wait and watch would be the quality of hardware. We have not been too impressed with some of the screens that Blackberry have used in the past, with an interface that is looking more and more like a touch only interface the hardware and things like touch screen responsiveness would go a long way in determining the success of OS 10.

So these are our first hand impressions of the new BB 10 devices. What are yours? Do let us know in the section below or follow us and tweet to us at @Blogtechnika and @techverarp.


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