Android 2.2 Powered Watch Phone by Rock is Superb Gadget for Geeks

No, I am not going to talk about James Bond watch by which he can do anything. I am talking about a watch which is ultimate device for geeks. Phone in your watch, also Android enabled. Great, isn’t it?

Rock Android watch is a device which fits in your wrist and allows you to do more than what a normal watch can do. Yes, you can make phone calls, take pictures with 2 megapixel camera, send data using bluetooth, and guess what it has 8GB of RAM!

Apart from camera, and capacitive touch screen, it is able to make quad band phone calls. You’ll also get a memory card slot with 8 GB card support. It can play MP3, MP4 media. Also it can be connected to Wi-Fi. It runs on Android version 2.2. And now the most important factor, its price. This phone is available on Amazon store with a price tag of $279.99. Go, grab it.

Android 2.2 Smartphone Watch [via RedFerret].

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