Android 4.3 Leaked Ahead of Official Release

Android 4.3 is right around the corner. We recently published that Sundar Pichai has sent out an invite calling the press on July 24th for what looks like a pretty tasty breakfast full of JellyBean magic. But, if waiting is not your thing, then the Android enthusiasts already have you covered as one of the test build of Android 4.3 has been leaked on a second hand Nexus 7 device. The leaked build is available to download at the XDA Forums, but since it is a test build, you will do that at your own risk.


Here is the link to check out what the Android version 4.3 is all about and download the test build.

There is not a lot that has changed from 4.2 in 4.3, apart from a few tweaks in the notifications. Apart from that things look pretty similar which may not be the worst thing, given how fragmented Android already is. According to a poster on XDA Forums:

According to DoMiN8ToR, the “J” at the beginning of the build code designates that the build is of Jelly Bean origins and that the “R” specifies that the build is from the second quarter. Furthermore, the number in the build code is the n-th day of the quarter, placing these builds sometime between at the end of May and the beginning of June. Finally, the last letter of the code defines what build of the day it is i.e. D is the fourth, and F would be the sixth build of the day.

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Via: Technobuffalo, XDA

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